Project Zomboid, The Isometric Zombie RPG

ersonally, I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of zombies, but I know some folks already are, but before you skip this post I’d say hit the jump, I promise it’s interesting.

Project Zomboid is an independently developed zombie survival RPG. The developers are working to create a “true survival” mode, meaning death is death and is something you want to avoid.

The challenge in Project Zomboid is surviving for as long as possible. A clock is forever running within the game, and will trigger random missions to take on so it’s not a case of hunkering down and doing nothing. Other features boasted by the developer’s Blog and the game’s site include disease systems, real-time day/night cycles, and intelligent zombies, who’ll use sound, smell and sight to hunt you down.

The game is somwhat Minecraftian; as well as being browser-based  it’s offering players the chance to donate funds for the game’s development, with anyone who donates over £5/$8 receiving free updates for the game, for life.

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