Alan Wake Developers Claim To Have L.A. Noire Beating Tech

Remedy – the chaps behind the most excellent but flawed Alan Wake – are starting a war and it might just give you a face ache.

The developers claim that the new animation tools that have been put to work on their next project (which is believed to be Alan Wake 2) will leave Rockstar’s tech eating dust.

The claim comes via Edge:

“The tech uses motion capture as a starting point for generating scans of actors (in this case, Alan Wake’s physical model, lkka Villi) accurate to mm, including 64 facial poses from which [Remedy] claims every human expression can be derived”.

The funky new facial tools have been created by lead animator John Root. If you know your id and Epic Games, you may recognise his name and some of his animation. The tech allows Remedy to take models of actors, and then use sliders to adjust facial expressions. This basically allows animators to edit the human face in real-time as opposed to manually animating them.

“LA Noire has set a bar for facial animation,” said Remedy CEO Matthias Myllyrinne. Raising one hand, then placing his other significantly higher, he added: “But [Rockstar’s game] is here, we’re aiming to be here.”

The demo, which will not be released publicly (give it time) was according to Edge ”strikingly nuanced.”

Forget console wars, we want face wars. Which has to be good thing if it means we see the end of those horrible characters who appear to be dead inside, you know, the ones we’ve been spoon fed since the dawn of 3D gaming.

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