Valve’s HQ Gets Potato’d

n a completely original display of frustration, the Steam community have started sending potatoes to Valve in an attempt to get the Portal 2 launch moved forward.

It seems that the idea has spawned from the recent Steam Potato Sack bundle, which if purchased and played would reduce the time for Portal 2 to be launched. However, this marketing move has been met with frustration by the gaming community and this is their retaliation.

Here’s the forum thread that started this spud movement against the Aperture Science creators.

If you would like to participate, all you have to do is send some potatoes to Valve’s HQ, the currently dominant method being the use of Amazon’s Fresh service (because we Brits can use it too), although with the $30 minimum spend, it’s recommended you get your friends to help ease the hurt to your wallet.

So join in to help the reboot of GLaDOS and as OldManJenkins said:


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