Review: Hard Lines

There are not many games out there that can boast gameplay that is so simple yet so addictive. Tetris and Snake come to mind, but now there is another contender, Hard Lines for the iPhone.

With Hard Lines Spilt Milk Studios have taken the winning formula of Snake, mixed it with a bit of Tron and have come up with a game that has more depth that it has any right to have, and more personality than those tiresome slingshot propelled birds.

The idea is a simple one, guide our plucky underdog hero Lionel in his epic task to KILL ALL LINES, every last one of them, all the while collecting glowy things without crashing. Simple? Not so, you see, unlike Snake’s solitary character, Hard Lines contains a fight against multiple other lines. Hold on, let’s stop calling them lines, they’re light cycles alright, Light Cycles!

Things are not that simple however. The more ‘glowy things’ you collect, the higher your score which is good, but at the same time your light trail grows longer which is bad. So, when you have a screen of five or six Light Cycle at the same time, all growing in length things can get pretty darn intense, but don’t worry, you’ll be laughing as you play.

Thankfully,  avoiding those pesky Light Cycles is not as bad as it sounds thanks to the tight as you like controls. There are multiple control types to choose from so there will be one that suits your play style. And that’s another great thing about Hard Lines, there are plenty of options and modes for you to get stuck into Including survival, original Snake mode and Piñata. There are 6 modes in all, each offering that something a little extra from the last to stop the repetition setting in.

This game just oozes charm as well, each of the Light Cycles will quote something at you as you zoom past or, when they die they’ll say something that makes you feel a little sorry for them. It’s a funny addition to the game, meaning you’re not controlling a bunch of soulless graphics; these tiny little lines have personality. (And a temper)

Hard lines Is labor of love for it’s developers Spilt Milk Studios. The comedy within the game is great, and gameplay that harks back to the arcade games of the past is ever-present. They even managed to write their own little song for the credits. You certainly don’t see that every day.

The only slightly grey mark against this game is the music, after a while, like five minuets. It begins go grate, especially if you’re not playing with headphones. But that’s about it really and certainly not a game breaker

Overall Hard Lines is a fantastic little game that should be installed on anyone’s phone. If you’re board to death of flinging feathered birds around the screen, and fancy a chuckle while being infuriated then this is the game for you.

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