Battlefield 3 Preview

I was one of the people who managed to gain the extra 48 hours of game time due to owning Medal of Honor: Limited edition (yay for me right? I knew having that would pay off one day – and that I’m impatient also.)

What you need to know is that I am playing on the Xbox 360 version, so right there the Playersize in condensed down to 24 from 32 on the PC version, it’s locked at 30 frames per second, whereas the PC version is 60+ Frames per second. The map is Operation Metro, which was also featured in the PC exclusive Alpha Trial, and the Game Type is Rush. Personally, I was hoping the Beta map would have been Caspian Border and the game mode to have been Conquest – that trailer was insane to watch and made me crave this game even more – now, lets boil down to the point.

Gametype & Map Info
The Gametype is Battlefield Bad Company’s famous Rush mode. You have two teams – attackers and defenders, attackers start off with a 100 lives or “Tickets” and have to take out two bomb sites in order to move on. After the two sites have been destroyed your tickets are replenished and you move onto the next stage of the map, you repeat this step 4 times before winning. The defender side is to deplete the attackers’ tickets and defend the bomb sites, if you manage to deplete the attackers tickets through any stage of the game, you win. As you move through the different phases defending the stations becomes easier and attacking them get a bit harder, this is where teamwork kicks in and you will have to co-ordinate with your squad to to have success. You can still run lone wolf but it is advised that you roll with a squad for the best experience.

Operation Metro is set in Paris and is divided into four different sections. The first being a wide open park area which compliments varied play styles, from Recon to Assault. After taking out both sites the game will go into its second phase: subway tracks and part of the station. Now this part of the map is very close quarters and has long sightlines, which is great for those who like sniping and getting up close with a sub machine guns or shotguns. The third stage is the rest of the subway station, once again varying play styles, but more close range and SMG types work better. Now onto the forth and final stage, which is set outside, this part of the map works best for mid to close range players with some good sightlines for the snipers and long range players.


I was kind of stuck on this part because I have played a lot of FPS and generally they all play the same, kinda. Whether I’m playing console or PC, most of the games have a similar feeling to them. All I can really say is if you like smooth FPS games you will like Battlefield 3. The gameplay is solid, the controls are very fluid compared to previous Battlefield console titles, and the overall gameplay is very impressive. DICE have outdone themselves on the game overall, and especially the console version.

Looks & Sound
To put it as simply as I can – the game just looks amazing. You may have watched all the trailers, but it doesn’t compare to actually playing the game for the first time. Frostbite 2 has been optimised very well for console – considering that this is primarily a PC title and that the consoles are running on 5-6 year old hardware. DICE has done well for us console players. From the moment the first missile fires and takes down a plane, to the last sniper bullet streaking past your head, the sound is outstanding. I would expect as much from my previous experience with Battlefield games.

There are some issues, but to be honest you are not expecting a 100% polished as it is still in the beta stage. But DICE have already said that the beta build is an older version of the game, with that said, hopefully some of the issues have already been rectified. With 6-8 hours plus of play so far its been a great experience checking out weapons and attachments, playing different classes, and going for different strategies each stage. If you are a Battlefield fan, or just want a change of pace, I would definitely try out the beta and even buy the game when it releases October 25th in the US and October 28 in the EU and UK.

Last note, I really hope that everyone gets to play Caspian Border for those on the tail end of the Beta…Please DICE be awesome and do this for us.

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