Apparently The Xbox 720 Tablet Controller is Real

Didn’t like Wii U’s tablet controller? well, you had better get used to them, looks like they are the way forward for the next-gen of consoles.

Microsoft are reportedly working on an iPad style tablet controller for the Next Box, Or so Xbox World would have you believe. You can see in the screen shot that Microsoft are going on guns blazing in an attempt to get games into your front room. There is no doubting that a Kinect, tablet controller and next generation hardware is  a tasty prospect. But. I do hope there will be some tactile buttons; touch screen controls are just hopeless for a series gaming session. Having something that will just allow a different way of navigating your console seems a bit pointless. Having extra data on an extra screen is a luxury rather than a necessity. As the articles states, a controller like the PS Vita would be perfect. Two analogue sticks, shoulder buttons and of course that all ‘important’ touch screen, it’s all there for the new fangled controls, but also have the traditional control method that gamers have grown to love. Plus it’s also small enough to feel like a controller, unlike the cumbersome Wii U tablet.

But, as we all know The Vita will be launching in a week or two over here in Europe, Which means theoretically, the PS4 already has that touch screen controller, that is if they have made it compatible with the next Playstation Console. One would have to assume they have given the connectivity of the PSP and now the Vita.

Are these rumours an exciting prospect for you gamers out there? let us know below.

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