Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City UK Takeover Live Zombie Hunt Event

Holy crap, Zombies are taking over the world!! Well, the UK at least. Capcom have today announced a special event to celebrate the launch of Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City!

The event just happens to be a Zombie Hunt around London using real world and augmented reality zombies! So, expect lots of people running around London with their smart phones held aloft in a bid to find those pesky undead critters. The AR zombies will only be view able by using special software for iPhone and Android. You can get your zombie hunting AR app from Resident Evil Microsite or Capcom’s Facebook page,

The Events will take on Thursday March 22 with different events taking place in Bristol, Manchester and London.

register here if you think you’re brave enough

Adam Merrett, PR Manager at Capcom, has commissioned the game and explained: “We are all positive that Operation Raccoon City is going to be another successful branch to the franchise, enticing not only Resident Evil fans but also those new to the franchise.

“This real-world game is the perfect opportunity to bring the horror, drama and edge-of-the seat gaming out into the real world. Operation Raccoon City – UK Takeover promises to be one the most memorable weekend of 2012.”

Ben Mason from The Tom Sawyer Effect, who is staging the live action said: “If you’ve ever wanted to face the horrors of a zombie apocalypse for real Operation Raccoon City – UK Takeoveris for you. The eventwill offer an unprecedented mix of mobile augmented reality and real world game-play… do you think you’ve got what it takes to survive, and win?

The augmented reality zombies are being built by Digicave, who said: “We are all about bringing another layer of digital information, entertainment and engagement to the real world. To do this with an all-time great gaming franchise such as a Resident Evil was a dream come true for the team here.

“The zombies are truly frightening, to see them popping up at locations around the UK – this is going to be something truly incredible, a perfect way to bring the terror of Resident Evil onto the streets and into the lives of gamers.”

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City UK live takeover

Date: Thursday March 22nd

Venue: The Bells of Shoreditch

Address: 48 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch

E2 8AA

Time: 1pm – 8pm


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